Our Banquet Room

Inviting Atmosphere

You’ll find our banquet room in our Quincy restaurant located just a few blocks from the scenic Mississippi River. It’s perfect for both casual and formal events.

Reservation Without a Deposit

In most cases, we do not require an upfront deposit when booking our banquet room. Call or stop by to reserve the room or to discuss your event needs with a member of our team.

Spacious Dining Area

We can accommodate most small to medium-sized events. Our clean dining area will seat up to 100 guests and can be arranged to suit your needs.

Fantastic Food and Drink Options

Order anything from our catering menu when celebrating in the Riverside Smoke House banquet room. Options include hors d’oeuvres, buffet items, our famous BBQ, soft drinks, beers, cocktails, and much more!

Events of Any Kind

Our banquet room is the ideal indoor venue for your next gathering. We welcome guests and attendees of your seminar, company meeting, wedding, reunion, or other business/recreational event.
Call us at (217) 214-PORK (7675) to discuss our banquet room or to book it for your upcoming event. 
You can learn more about our many catering services here.
Some images on this page provided by Flickr users. Place setting photo by @dinnerseries, Quincy bridge image by @jopoe, and party supply photo by @laurelkate.
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